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The Art to being a Christian Creative: Debunking the Myths

How It Started

Everyone has a story of how they started's mine.

I was born to 2 pastors and discovered early that I was musically inclined. As an infant, I would dance to the rhythm created by the sound of the spoon clinking around in the glass cup, while mom made my milk (lol). At age 5, I started playing the piano and by the time I was 10 I was composing songs.


Myth: Christians only sing or make music but our creativity ends there.

One of the beauties of 'Art' for me is its diversity. After learning to play a couple instruments and delving into my gift as a songwriter , I began to discover and explore other aspects of my creative capabilities.

I had no clue that I would fall in love with marketing. I had neither exposure nor training in it and so I wasn't sure what it was about. But while interning at a marketing firm in my second year of undergrad, I developed a passion in the field!

I was introduced to graphic designing, social media management, copywriting, advertising and digital marketing among other skills. I quickly realized that the same creative spark that inspired my songwriting and music was operative when I worked in digital marketing.

So… imagine with me for a second - a law student, digital marketer, writer and musician responding to questions like "what do you do?" LOL! I'm sure you can see the challenge with answering that because I do a little of everything.

Today, I am completing my legal training and developing my musical craft as I wrap up production on my debut EP for release, while I work as a digital marketer, run my own business and write fashion blogs and devotionals. I would encourage folks who hear people say "you need to decide what you want to be and focus on that", or "you can't do everything"; to reply with "why not?"

As a #ChristianCreative, I believe that God is the creator of creativity. Throughout the Christian Bible, God is described as a phenomenal artist - painting the canopy of the heavens. He is a singer, making beautiful melodies in the psalms; sculptor, crafting man in his likeness and fashioning the mountains, rivers and oceans; a poet and father, a designer and architect among so many other titles. If we're made in HIS image, why shouldn't we be free to be diverse in what we do and enjoy the appetite for variety that we've inherited from Him?

Myth: Christians don't have creative fun

Firstly, this is laughable because I find no greater joy in in this life than doing what I love and I'm passionate about. It fulfils me and this sentiment is shared by many Christian colleagues of mine. 'Art' for us is a boundless opportunity to express our passion though our creativity and showcase God's goodness. Contrary to popular belief, Christians, and Christian Creatives, have a lot of fun!

Myth: Christian Creatives make lame art.

This is fairly simple to dispel as there is quality music, paintings, clothing and other creative products made by Christians that compete on the international and local market, alongside secular counterparts quite successfully.

Art by the Christian Creative is blessing people in meaningful ways through our God-given gifts and being excellent at what we do.

Thanks for reading!


About the Author

Victor Brown is a Christian Creative and student-at-law. His creative pursuits include playing musical instruments, singing, composing, directing, arranging and recording music as well as digital marketing and writing.

You can connect with victor:

On Instagram

Twitter: @vbrownmusic

YouTube : @Victor Brown Music

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