My Quick 3 Cents on Being Social Media Responsible

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

As told by Richelle...

“Don’t use social media to impress people, use it to impact people”

June 30th was recognised as World Social Media Day. Allow me to share three ways I strive to be #SocialMediaResponsible.

Authenticity: I am a very positive chick, therefore, you won’t visit my platforms and see a bunch of negative stuff. In today’s society, you’ll find the younger generation trying to paint a very negative perspective of the space. This leads other young people to be afraid to share and use Social Media. We don’t need to look further than what happens with Cyberbullying.

Branding: For those in the media sphere, it is vital to promote credible information. For instance, in late 2019, there was a huge uproar after a young professional of a financial institution placed the reputation of the company on the line. Before you post, research and ask pertinent questions.

Detoxing: It is often said, we should remove ourselves from negative energy. Likewise, It’s the same approach for Social Media. Detoxing your platform is very important. I ensure that my platforms are very mental friendly for my mind and followers! Furthermore, it is not only helpful for me but for the people who visit the platform so they will have an idea of who I entertain. Therefore, it is okay for me to block someone if they come into my inbox with negative comments. Additionally, another way I do is to take frequent breaks.

Overall, irresponsible usage of social media is harmful. But I implore you to, hol’ yuh position, be socially responsible being you. Think of your career and reputation and keep yuh distance!

The Contributor

A proud graduate of Mona High School, Richelle T. Henry is a warrior of Cerebral Palsy, a kingdom Citizen and loyal Jamaican who is passionate about using her expressive craft of writing to advocate for persons with disability, as well as to educate others.

To keep up with Richelle’s work, visit her website as she seeks to continue,“Touching Lives Through Cerebral Palsy!”

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