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A Chat with Creators of the #BlackLivesMatter Band

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

What started as a chat over coffee about the ongoing racial debate, morphed into the creation of a #BlackLivesMatter band. Jared Mattsson (Linq) and Raheim Robinson (Dreimheim Studios) wanted to craft a central location, where Black Lives Matter resources could be found and accessed via wearable tech.

The project took 4 weeks to develop, which included the conceptualizing stage to creating the physical BLM Band, BLM Resources webpage, and marketing content.

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Top Level Q&A

What is the purpose of the band?

The purpose of the Black Lives Matter band is to be a symbol of solidarity in our fight against systemic racism. The BLM band also provides access to our Black Lives Matter Resources page ( where you can find links to donate, sign petitions, attend protests, etc. All of this by simply tapping your phone to the BLM band as demonstrated in the video.

Why are these kind of innovations important?

These kind of innovations are important because they’re a conversation starter and that’s what needs to happen right now.

What do you hope to achieve from this creation?

We hope to be able to impact our local community and eventually the nation. We would love to provoke change, donate generously, and keep the movement alive.

The BLM Band Ad


The Creators

You can connect with Raheim on instagram @ dreamheim and Jared @jaredmattsson

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